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So, what if you could undergo a personal and professional transformation that changes your life and your finances forever, connects you to your purpose and passion in life, shows you how to transform any dream into reality, moves you (and your clients) from where you are in life to where you really want to be, helps you become truly in control of your future, and much more!

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At Uknowit Consulting Services, we're committed to helping you achieve these transformative results. Imagine where you could be in just a few short months or years. The possibilities are truly endless. But here's the thing: the changes that are coming in the near future are inevitable. The question is, where will you be when they arrive? Will you be in control or at the mercy of those changes? Will you be thriving or merely surviving?

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I'm Scott Girard, and as a professional driver for over 9 years (7 OTR and 2 local) and then a skilled labor worker at an oil refinery for another 7 years one thing that I personally was always frustrated with is the fact that I always worked hard and did overtime for money to support our family lifestyle but at the end of the day there wasn't much left to give other than relax for a bit then go to work the next day. The time away from my wife and daughter really had me thinking about what I could do to not only spend more time with my family and take vacations whenever I choose to do so but also earn the same income or better as what I was doing. When I went on this journey I found myself breaking through many fears, discovering my self and trusting my inner voice and that is what I want to help you with if you will allow me to.  

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